Odil Bright
Music & sound design  
El Origen
Documentary, Film Scoring

This project was my very first score for a documentary feature. It helped me realize how important is the understanding of a film's structure before writing any note.

The original soundtrack revolves around one main theme linked to the territory and a secondary one that depicts the traditional art of viticulture. Both themes and their variations are used to construct musical speech.

Regarding the instrumentation and the sound, I was looking for a balance between modern and classical worlds. To get that feeling, I chose a highly-amplified piano sound to picture modernity, and I produced and arranged the strings section in a much more canonical style.  

I also wanted every instrument to play a role. For instance, cello symbolizes the old vines, and the violin stands for lengthy tradition and refinement.

Director: Jorge Martinez
Executive Producer: Alejandro Rius / Elena Marcelo
Producer: Javier Urosas
Screenwriter: Jorge Martínez / Gonzalo Ballester / Agustín Romero
D.O.P: Pau Monrás
Editor: Jose Angel Centenero / Iván Herrero