Odil Bright
Music & sound design  
Marta por dentro
Film scoring, Short Film
When finishing my master’s degree in Film Scoring at the ESMUC, I had the opportunity of composing this short film’s OST, directed by J.D. Alcázar.


This was my end-of-degree project, interpreted by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and conducted by David Bravo.

Here’s one of the recorded tracks from that session.

In this scene, Marta, the main character, finds a hole in the bathroom wall that leads to the reddish depths of her own body. When scoring this moment of the film, I tried to imagine the music that would emanate from a living thing and translate it into an orchestral score. Therefore, both the double basses and the cellos imitate a heartbeat sound, while the rest of the orchestra breathes. To get a more natural and biological pace, I desynchronized the melodic elements and made them play slightly out of beat.

Harmonically, the Lydian scale is used to reinforce the fantastical colors of the scene. This piece represents the climax of the film because Marta finally achieves consonance by harmonizing with herself. This way, she finds the strength she needs to follow her path.

Feel free to take a look at the score: