Odil Bright
Music & sound design  
Me llamo Violeta
Documentary , Film Scoring
Composition of the OST for the documentary directed by Marc Parramon and David Fernandez de Castro.

When composing the score, I intended to create a narrative through music and sound and to translate the core ideas of the film. Instead of assigning a musical theme for every character, I decided to compose music and motifs that would represent things like past, present, oppression, hope, family/community, and so on, to reinforce the message by adding extra meaning. Many of these small musical motifs and their variations have been combined to express different moods.

This documentary required luminosity to bring to the light the transgender community, especially transgender children and teens. However, it was necessary as well to illustrate the surrounding darkness of a social group that has been historically marginalized by our society. Regarding those shadows, I composed a music piece and then slowed it down until it was almost unrecognizable to depict the density and sluggishness that characterizes a society that is still far from being equal. On the other hand, because here the light comes along with the willingness of becoming what one is meant to be, I chose to represent this resoluteness with a minimalist pattern that recurs throughout the film.

Alongside musical composition, another fundamental aspect is the sound palette. Due to the nature of the film and its main topic, I thought it would be interesting to merge both classical and modern sonorities in the score. Thereby, orchestral instrumentation and pianos are generally used to depict commonly shared emotions and situations, while synthesizers and electronics speak for singularity, oddness, and discomfort. That's not a golden rule, though. Synths are also used to represent a strong drive, struggling to emerge from the underground. In the ending theme, this impulse finally makes its way to the surface.

Directors: David Fernández de Castro and Marc Parramon
Writting: David Fernández de Castro
Producers: Carles Bruguera, Marieka van den Bersselaar, Joan Úbeda
Film Editing: Xavi Viñas
D.O.P:Anna Molins
Original music: Odil Bright
Casting: Reichel Delgado
Production management: Alicia Olivares
Sound Department: Elena Coderch
Camera and electrical Department: Frederic Comí