Odil Bright
Music & sound design  
Música Irrellevant
Exhibitions, coding
“The irrelevant process

In general, bias in the selection of elements for a chance-image can be avoided by using a method of selection of those elements which is independent […]. The method should preferably give an irregular and unforeseen pattern of selection.”

Brecht, G. (1966). Chance Imagery

“Irrelevant Music” is an interactive piece that draws an analogy between quantum particles and musical notes to question our understanding of musical creation.

When the application is opened, the musical particles exist in a free state, linked together by the same root note chosen at random. However, when we intervene, we force the notes to place themselves within an organised system.

This system or musical state is represented by one of seven modern modes (ionic, doric, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian and locrian). The position in which the particles happen to be at the moment of the intervention determines the order in which the parts of the musical mode will be played: a scale and a chord, created from a root note.

In this way, by applying the principles of quantum mechanics to musical creation, “Irrelevant Music” forces us to reflect on what it means to compose music: in a process in which most of the decisions are left to chance, the subjective expression of the author becomes irrelevant.


Special thanks to Andy Poole︎ for his technical assistance with the software architecture and design.